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Dual Enrollment

Leaving The Nest To Soar!


Students may utilize the acceleration options to pursue a more challenging program of study or to accelerate entry into post-secondary institutions or vocations of their choice. In addition to the two accelerated graduation programs (the college preparatory program and the career preparatory program), there are provisions whereby students may accelerate their graduation or take additional courses prior to graduation.  One of them is Dual Enrollment.


Dual enrollment is an articulated acceleration mechanism open to high school students who have completed ninth grade are attending public high school. To enroll in dual enrollment academic programs, students must demonstrate a qualifying grade point average. In order to determine the high school equivalency and the high school credit awarded for post-secondary courses completed through dual enrollment, refer to the most current Dual Enrollment Course-- High School Subject Area Equivalency (see documents and forms). The district weighs college-level dual enrollment courses the same as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced International Certificate of Education courses when grade point averages are calculated. The list of currently active and authorized courses for dual enrollment is printed in Curriculum Bulletin-I, which is published annually. Most students choosing this option take one or two college courses throughout the year(only two per semester allowed). Honors and/or AP credits applied to the high school transcript while also generating a college transcript.


The requirements for participating in Dual Enrollment(DE) include: An acceptable score on the PERT exam (i.e., 104/Reading, 103/Writing & 113/Math) and a 3.0 Grade Point Average. Students must have acceptable Reading and Writing scores on the PERT exam to register in most classes. Additionally, students must receive a pert score of 113 or higher to register for ANY Math class in the DE program.


Turner Tech currently offers two FIU courses on campus (i.e., ENC1101 and ENC1102). All credits are added to the students' high school and college transcript. Please visit FIU's website for rules and regulations dual enrollment with the university.


Students in general DE program take 2 classes per semester and transportation is not provided; they must also adhere to the admission requirements noted above.


Students in the Academy of Criminal Justice attend college year-round. The DE courses for this program are taught at Miami-Dade College (North Campus), in the School of Justice. Students leave Turner Tech at 12:20pm every day and return at 1:55pm before dismissal. Approximately 12 to 24 college credits are earned and AP/Honors credits are also added to the high school transcript. Students must meet all DE requirements to participate in the Criminal Justice Program.

DE books should be returned to Ms. Blevins and Dr. Posey to avoid a graduation hold!

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