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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


WHTT is home to many students participating in athletics at their home school. This does not mean that their skills are never seen at WHTT. Interclass rivalries are fed through March Madness Basketball Games pitting academies against one another and providing opportunity to claim bragging rights throughout the year.


Will my child be able to participate in Athletics if selected?

Yes. If you attend a Miami-Dade County Public School that does not have athletics, you may participate in sports at your zoned home school. Please contact the School Athletic Director at each campus to find our more details.


Will my child get transportation if selected?

It depends on where you live and the transportation available for the specific school. You must contact the individual school directly to find out if transportation is available for you.


If transportation is not provided can I transfer my child to a closer Magnet school?

No. It is VERY important that you contact the individual schools to see whether transportation is available from your neighborhood to the selected school PRIOR to applying to the school.


Is transportation provided to Magnet programs?

According to School Board guidelines, transportation availability is limited and may not be available to all students. The Magnet lead teacher or Magnet secretary at each school can assist you in determining if your child/children are eligible for transportation.

When will I find out details about transportation such as my assigned bus stop and time?
WHTT does not have direct control over transportation assignments for its students. This is handled by the school district's Department of Transportation. Postcards are mailed to your address of record within one-two weeks before the start of the new school year. Your postcard should indicate the address of your AM and PM stops, time windows for drop off and pick up, and route numbers for school buses.

How do I report problems with transportation?
The WHTT Magnet Office uses an internal form to track transportation issues so that we can report them to the district. Students must complete the form and turn it in to the Magnet Office when bus issues happen.

Please note that transportation issues are heaviest the first couple weeks of school while drivers and routing specialists deal with new routes across the whole district. Keep in mind WHTT is in the unique position of having students from throughout Miami Dade County. Routines get smoother a couple weeks into the school year. Reporting issues right away helps us all work together to resolve them as quickly as possible.

How far can my child be required to walk to his/her bus stop?


Per Rule 6A-3.001 of the Florida State Board of Education, students may be required to walk up to one and one-half (1½) miles from their home to their assigned bus stop.  The Miami-Dade County Public Schools Department of Transportation makes every effort to keep walk distances between student’s homes and their bus stops as short as possible and practical.

How can I find information on my child’s school bus assignment?


At the beginning of the school year, in August, the school district mails a post card to every family with a student that has bus assignment.  This post card will have information on the student’s bus stop location, pick-up, and drop-off times


Bus assignment information for students enrolled in Miami-Dade County Public Schools is also posted on the district’s web site on the internet.  To access the information first go to and then log on to the Parent Portal.   The top of the Parent Portal screen has a link (click on BUS INFO) to the student’s bus assignment information.


Bus assignment information on the Parent Portal is updated every night.  Parents are encouraged to periodically check the information on the Parent Portal so they will always have the most current information on their child’s bus transportation.


Parents who are not able to access the Parent Portal should call their child’s school for assistance.  All schools have access to the district’s transportation routing system, and should be able to answer most questions concerning a student’s eligibility for transportation and bus assignment.


I have a question or a concern about my child’s transportation.  Who should I contact?


Parents should always contact their child’s school, when they have a question or a concern about their child’s transportation.  If needed, the school will get in touch with the appropriate staff at the Department of Transportation to make sure the question or concern is properly responded to.   This will help to ensure that all questions and concerns are answered as promptly as possible.

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How do new students sign up for their classes?
Apart from their own choice of foreign language elective, new students are assigned by the counselors into the appropriate WHTT courses based on their previous courses and grades. Once the school year begins, level placement may be reassigned with teacher recommendation based on student performance.

Is it alright to accept an offer of admission from another school of choice and then change my mind if WHTT offers me admission later?

Yes. Families always have the right to inform schools of choice that they have changed their plans. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not playing fair. We recommend taking your best offer. This will mean you become "futured" to the school you choose. You will need to inform the school in writing if you change your mind. Some schools are more reluctant than others to "release" a student who has been "futured" to their school. It is always best to show up in person and bring documentation if your plans change.

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