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Non-MDCPS Student Registration

Admission, Registration and Immunizations Requirements

All children who have attained the age of six (6) years, or who will have attained the age of six (6) years by February 1st of any school year, or who are older than six (6) years of age but have not attained the age of sixteen (16) years, except as otherwise provided in Florida law, are required to attend school regularly during the entire school term. All children enrolling in a District school shall meet the immunization requirements in F.S.1003.22, and provide evidence of a physical examination.


School Board Policy 5112-Entrance Requirements establishes the admission and registration requirements for students entering school. The following documents and forms are to be provided upon initial registration:


Documents needed at time of Registration


Forms needed at time of Registration


Students transferring from out of state, from other districts in Florida, or who are foreign born, must adhere to the same admission and entrance requirements for registration.


All students are assigned to attend the school in the district where their parents/legal guardians reside, unless the child has received an assignment to another school through a Parent Choice Student Transfer, or through Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ School Choice & Parental Options. To find your neighborhood’s area schools, you may access, select Schools, Find your Neighborhood School. The Initial Entry Registration Procedures Handbook have been linked for your convenience.

Evidence of Custody/Guardianship

  1. If the parent lives within Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach or Monroe counties, the parent  must provide documentation  of custody by an appropriate state agency such as the Florida Department of children and Families or the court. To obtain guardianship of a student, the legal parent must submit to the school a power of attorney that has been properly executed by the legal system, the receipt of affidavit from the Family Court, and valid photo identification. Applications for temporary custody or minor children by extended family can be obtained at the Lawson Thomas Courthouse at 175 NW 1st Ave., Suite 2441, Miami, Florida, 33128, (305) 349-7800.

  2. If a parent resides within Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach or Monroe counties and the student lives in a residence licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families, the student may be registered and enrolled in the school that serves that licensed residence.

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