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Helpful Links & Resources

Helpful Links & Resources

Bright Futures:  

High School Graduation/Career Planning/Transcripts: 

High School Information 

Online High School Classes: or 

Florida Department of Education: 


Miami-Dade County Public School District Websites

 Miami-Dade Schools Student Services Site:

 Miami-Dade Schools Curriculum Bulletin:  

 Miami Dade County Public Schools:

 Miami-Dade School Advanced Academic:

 Miami-Dade School Educational Plan:

 Miami-Dade County Health Department: 

 Miami-Dade College Dual Enrollment Program: 

 Miami-Dade Schools Free and Reduced Lunch:


Additional Resources

 Advance Placement (AP) Potential Student:

 ACT Website

 Dual Enrollment Course Offerings:   Dual Enrollment Courses.pdf

 Dual Enrollment Registration Information:

 Miami Dade Dual Enrollment Program: 


   Nancy Erdvig CAP Advisor:


 Parent Help: 

 Reading Help:

 Pupil Progression Plan:

 Report Cards:

 Stress Control:

 Student Portal:

 Stress Relaxation techniques:

 Turner Tech Website:


 Social Services & Programs

 Informed Families of Miami:  

 Institute for Child and Family Health:

 Reporting Abuse 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services: 

The Children's Trust of Miami:

 U.S. Department of Education:

 Violence Prevention: 

 America Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

 Community Mediation 

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